Latest news (2015-02-26)


Hello everybody,


we're sorry to announce that we need to cease support for Project: Kryptonite due to several private incidents.


You will still be able to use the software as-is, as we won't shut down the servers, but the development as well as the support is currently frozen.


We don't want to say goodbye forever, but we cannot tell when we will continue development. Right now it's way more important for us to sort out our issues.


We want to say thank you for both your support and your loyalty and we hope to see you again, when we're able to return to Project: Kryptonite.


Mark & Petra


Another update - 1.0.6

This is a minor fix which solves the following issues:


  • Splash screen will be displayed only once (not on every resolution change or switch to/from the desktop)
  • Added alternative drawing method for Direct3D 9 games (aka EndScene-Hook). This mainly adresses the IL-2 issues.
  • Resolved a few stability issues when switching into "overlay mode"


Get the download here


Version 1.0.5 released



  • No more flickering when games running in fullscreen mode
  • The mouse-cursor should no longer disappear
  • Minor speed improvements
  • You should no longer have a black window from the "offscreen_browser" process (we completely eliminated this process)
  • Better game detection, even after restart of Project: Kryptonite while the game is running
  • Stability improvements
  • New layout for the setup


You can download it here.


The first UI update is done

We really need to remember NOT to give out any assumptions on when things will be ready, but anyway, we finally managed to update the UI.
So, what do we got?


First of all, we created a new configuration API to simplify configuration of Project: Kryptonite's apps. Unfortunately, we weren't able to migrate the old configuration, so you'll have to re-set your colours, positions etc.


Besides the old configuration possibilities, you now can adjust the font, font-size, and some other styles in the TeamSpeak widget. We also started to add some configurations for the popup area.


There's also a minor change in the basic UI. For example, you may notice, that the former titlebar was moved to the bottom of the screen.


We plan to make the apps cloesable and minimizeable, so this might become kind of a taskbar in a later release, but as we're not yet sure how this could look like, there may be another UI update before this happens.


Hotfix 1.0.4 is there

It's just a small update, which fixes the issue of version 1.0.3 where your configuration data couldn't be saved.

You can download it here.


Version 1.0.3 released

Finally, version 1.0.3 is there.
A short overview of what happened this time:

We fixed a few issues with crashes and flickerings on some D3D9 applications.
Also games that didn't show up the cursor in overlay mode should work fine right now.
D3D8 games should work again, too.

These are basically the only changes that you can see directly, however, we changed quite a bit in the internals.
First of all, we're no longer using Named Pipes for interprocess-communication. Instead, Project: Kryptonite now uses TCP.
We also changed the injection method, so Project: Kryptonite will no longer inject into ANY process, instead it only injects into the processes on the whitelist. It will also make updates very much easier, so you won't need to reboot the computer if you install another version.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get our hands on a Windows Vista license, we also didn't test it on XP, but it should work fine at least on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
We're also thinking of dropping XP support completely, but didn't come to a final conclusion yet.

The promised UI update will follow soon.


Version 1.0.2 released

We just released version 1.0.2, which contains quite a lot of fixes.

A major OpenGL issue was fixed, so Project: Kryptonite should now work smoothly with OpenGL games.

We also changed the mouse cursor behavior. Project: Kryptonite now uses a hardware cursor instead of a software-rendered cursor. The cursor should me much smoother now and the problems with hidden or duplicate cursors should be fixed now.

Last but not least, we made a major speed improvement.

You can get the latest version on the Download page.

We also worked on the developer API and an own development environment. It's already pretty cool, but still lacks some important features. We hope to get this released within the next month.


A few words about bleeding hearts.

You may have heard of the heartbleed OpenSSL weakness, which has hit quite a lot of servers.

Fortunately, our servers were not affected. Your passwords are absolutely safe with us - except you re-used them for authenticating on another affected site.

In this case, we strongly recommend to change your password.

Which you should do anyway every now and then. ;-)

BTW: Most people telling you that "he believes that no accounts were compromised on his server due to the Heartbleed bug" is simply telling, that he has absolutely no idea how to find out.

The bug exists since more than two years and the buggy mechanism doesn't write any logfiles or leaves other traces. The only possibility to find out if any critical data was exposed, is to review the whole network traffic logs since then.

If he stores his traffic for more than two years, then he's most probably the NSA.

If he doesn't stores his traffic for more than two years, he cannot know if any data was leaked.


Planetside 2 is safe again

We nearly forgot to write about it on the homepage: The Planetside banning issue has been resolved.

Tuesday night, we received the following email:

I am the customer service manager that looks after PlanetSide2 here at SOE. It was brought to my attention that your account was terminated, so we took a look into it. Your account actually was banned due to playing with a debugger attached to the client. I assume you were using this in conjunction with the development of Project Kryptonite. Unfortunately we do not allow anyone who does not work for SOE to attach a debugger to our game. However, you should be able to make your overlay without it. 

I have released your account, but please do not log back into the game with a debugger attached to your client. 

So what does it mean?

It means that using Project: Kryptonite is safe.

We got banned because we were developing in a way SOE didn't like it, and not because we were using Project: Kryptonite.

Perfect, eh?


Version 1.0.1 released

We just released the new overlay version 1.0.1.

It's an enhanced setup which solves a couple of display problems, especially in D3D11 environments. We also fixed a couple of possible crash reasons.

We also finally added a short How to. No video yet, but still better than nothing.

Oh, and before the information disappears from the homepage: Did you already help out Petra for her bachelor studies by taking part in our survey? You can read more about the survey on the news page.


IMPORTANT if you're playing Planetside 2

I just received this interesting Email from Sony Online Entertainment (reduced to the important parts):


This is a notification from PlanetSide 2.

We regret to inform you that the account name: ***** has been terminated due to a Community Standards violation. After reviewing our records, one of the characters on this account was found to have committed the following violations:


So what? I was never involved in any fight. I didn't even like the game, I stayed in the introduction area and ended up killing defenseless puppets. How could I be cheating there?

Well, their terms of service are not too explicit, but if you're playing this game, be sure to read them again, especially the NSA-compliant part "Our Privacy Policy", paragraph D "Consent to Monitor".

If it wouldn't be for the overlay, I'd delete the game immediately from my PC.

Anyway, I'll try to get in contact with SOE to clear this up and to avoid people being banned due to the usage of Project: Kryptonite.

Until then, PLEASE avoid using Project: Kryptonite in conjunction with this game.


A personal concern from Petra

For my bachelor studies, I need to conduct a survey and I need your help.

The results will help me pass the test - and thus having more time for Project: Kryptonite. We will also try to use the results to make Project: Kryptonite more attractive for you.

The survey will take less than 5 minutes, so why don't you give it a shot?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, take me to the survey!

Petra is one of the two Project: Kryptonite developers. She is responsible for the overlay's HTML / CSS / JavaScript part as well as the design and programming of the homepage.


Version 1.0.0 released

Today, the new version of Project: Kryptonite was released.

Unfortunately, the old software version will no longer work with the new UI, so you have to update the software.

You can get it on the download page.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

The main features:

  • New user-interface
  • Increased stability
  • Major speed up for games using Direct3D9
  • TeamSpeak chat
  • Lots of minor fixes in TeamSpeak app